About Us

Through our experience in the web design, branding, and web development industry, we work on honing the core values that we feel represent us as a company.


We’re firm believers that a sustainable and ethical approach doesn’t require compromises. Our operations and services are carbon positive; we’ve achieved this by offsetting our in-house emissions, working with printing houses that use recycled stock as standard and powering all the websites hosted by us on renewable servers. Combatting the web’s rise as one of the most important polluting industries.

Open & Agnostic

Our designs and sites are built using modern, industry-standard platforms, which we identify on a project-to-project basis. This means projects completed by Hay & Rice can be managed, edited, or built on by virtually any developer or designer. We focus on reaching meaningful ROI for the client, providing truly long-term solutions.


Alex & Dan, the founders of Hay & Rice, both completed degrees specialising in the creative industries surrounding the web, and both undertook research studies focusing on usability and functional design. This gives them a unique perspective and interest in human behaviour and design psychology, which they leverage to build effective, optimised products.

Policies and statements

Our belief in doing business in a way that’s meaningfully beneficial to our clients and society as a whole, is a real one. We don’t just measure success in monetary terms, and see great importance in using our skills, premises, business, and time, for the advancement of what we believe in.

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