Image Ability

Web Design, Development & Branding

Daniela and Bill approached us in September 2020, seeking direction and development with their exciting new business. Through online courses, Image Ability seeks to teach and inspire women to further themselves, largely by helping them to maximise their presence by making full use of their wardrobe.

With the fundamentals of a website design organised, they came to us seeking guidance in transforming their designs in to a logical, effective, and refined website, integrating with Kajabi — their online learning platform of choice.

Image ability project mockup

“Dan and Alex have brought a fresh and no-fuss take to our website project. From the outset, we worked together as a team and felt that we were not only in safe hands but equally challenged and matched, at pace, and in a good way; it was a truly collaborative undertaking.  We are extremely pleased with the development of our site, the overall delivery and the competent support. 

Most of everything, it is their attitude and application to improve and optimise that is so important for the success of their future business. Thanks Dan and Alex; we wish you every possible success!”

Daniela Florea, SoGood2Wear