West London Local Chambers

Web Design, Web Development, Hosting

Having worked alongside the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, we were approached by Alan Rides, MD, regarding the design and development of a new website for West London Local Chambers. The website needed to be modern, professional, and provide administrators with a simple way to add new pages and events on the fly.

“Since transferring management of our hosting to Hay & Rice in 2019, our website has seen a marked increase in both performance and up-time.

Not only are we pleased with the technical performance of the site, we now have 100% renewable hosting, which together saves time and money in not needing to work with outside specialists or support, safe in the knowledge that any issues are always met quickly and professionally by Hay & Rice.“

Alan Rides, MD, West London Local Chambers

Web Design

The design approach looked to build on the image of the existing Hounslow Chamber brand, whilst re-imaging that for modern users. The existing blue shade was complimented with similar gradients and splashes of colour, as well as a clean typeface, which matched both the new style, and the industry as a whole. All pages on the site follow a similar page structure, with various blocks designs so that they can be placed throughout the site as and where needed.


We opted to use WordPress for the content management system, and built the site from scratch as a highly flexible theme. WordPress allows the West London Local Chambers team to easily manage content through individual user profiles.

We built custom blocks that fit into the new Gutenberg editor – allowing the West London Local Chambers team to chop and change pages as required.


This website integrated smoothly with The Event Calendar, allowing us to create a dynamic calendar and event listing system, which users can even synchronise their personal calendars should they wish to. This approach is similar to that which we used on the Bourn Parish Council project.

Use of an iframe allows the separate Hounslow Chamber site to share an events calendar without both sites needing to be updated simultaneously.