Standard Client Terms

Explore below our Standard Client Terms, which cover policies regarding payment, approval periods, treatment of IP, and more.

Our standard payment terms require payment within a 30 day period of your invoice being sent. You will receive an email from us at this point. From then on, we reserve the right to add a late payment fee of 5% of the total invoice value per annum, which will accumulate on a weekly basis of 0.1% until payment is received. Alternative terms can be arranged if requested and agreed upon before the project starts. Updated invoices will be sent out monthly following the final notice of late payment.

At stages that require client review and/or approval, we will consider a deliverable approved if no response is received within 14 days of its submission to the client.

Hay & Rice reserve the right to terminate a project without reason/cause. In the rare and unfortunate case that a project is terminated by us, we will provide you with 28 days’ prior written notice of our intention to terminate. Following termination, an invoice will be sent covering the expense of time and resources up to that point.

Whilst we appreciate that projects can evolve over time, we reserve the right to decline or charge for time and resources that fall outside of, or extend, the scope of the initial project. These will be confirmed with the client, and typically charged at £50 per hour.

Whilst we always aim to be as accurate as possible with pricing, it is possible that costs may change through the course of a project for a variety of reasons, including inflation, changes in the prices of tooling and changes in the services.

Where we make use of your intellectual property rights (“IP”), or any third party IP, as part of our creative process, that IP shall remain the property of its owner throughout the process, and each side shall ensure that all necessary licences and permissions are obtained to facilitate our using that IP. All other IP used or created in the process shall remain the property of Hay & Rice, save for that any IP in your completed deliverables shall be transferred to you upon completion of the project and settlement of all outstanding invoices.

The purchase of assets such as imagery, typography, illustration, and copy, will be confirmed with clients before purchase, and clearly labelled on invoices. For projects where a large amount of assets may be required, it may be prudent to organise an “Asset Budget” to expedite the creative and developmental processes.

We value confidentiality and security in our work and service. We consider that all communications, unfinished deliverables and working materials are strictly confidential and generally should not be shared or used publicly by you or us without the other’s consent, until project completion.

Hay & Rice will not accept liability for any loss or harm arising from our work in so far as that loss is caused by the client’s own acts, omissions or materials, or by factors falling outside of our reasonable control. Our total liability for all other loss or harm shall to the fullest extent permitted by law be limited to the amount of fees paid in respect of the relevant project.