Web Design

Simple, user-friendly and effective web design is at the heart of what we do.

Web Design Principles

Designing a website that reaches more customers, communicates more persuasively, and converts into more business requires a multi-step approach.

User experience

With an academic background and industry experience in UX and UI design, we combine elegant design with an evidence-based approach.


Emphasising discovery enables us to get to the root purpose of each website design: exploring your industry, competitors, history and goals.


We consider SEO with each design stage, this allows your site to rank higher than your competition, reaching more of your targeted customer base.


Good web design incorporates an element of flexibility; making sure it suits any content that may change as your business grows.

Web Design Process

Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed a carefully optimised design process which integrates seamlessly with either in-house or third-party developers.


Introductory meeting

We start with an online or in-person meeting to discuss the nature of your project. This allows us to create an in-depth project proposal.



We research your industry and competitors, coming back to you to discuss a board of ideas on how we can set your business apart.


Key page workshop

In this workshop we present a key page design – usually your Homepage. The objective here is to find a design language to use sitewide.


Full design workshop

Here we present the design in its entirety. This meeting concludes with either a list of feedback, or your approval of the design.



Compiling the design assets for delivery to either our in-studio Cambridge based development service, or to a third party developer.